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Grand Canyon National Park-2007
Photographs Owen Hoffman
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At the start of the South Kaibab Trail heading down into the Grand Canyon at 8:30 AM on 12/29/07.  O'Neill's Butte is just in the sun in the foreground. A view along the upper portions of the South Kaibab Trail towards the North Rim of the Grand Canyon
Vic Stanton, James Stanton, Owen Hoffman, and
Taylor Stanton, approaching O'Neill's Butte along the South Kaibab Trail.
A storm is brewing in the west as we hiked along Cedar Ridge approaching Panorama Point.  The inner gorge with its dark 2-billion years old rocks is visible
in the center right of the field of view.
Hiking down over thousands of log water breaks was tiring.  Great views, however, of the Tonto Plateau and the inner gorge as light snow began to fall A stop to rest and have lunch below the Red Wall brought serenading Ravens to entertain us
Our first view into the inner gorge and of brightly colored Fremont Cottonwoods of the bottom of the Grand Canyon in Bright Angel Creek that
have not yet lost their foliage.
A gentle flat section of trail just blow the
Tonto Plateau and just before entering tilted ancient sedimentary strata above the metamorphic and
granitic rocks of the inner gorge
A view into the inner gorge, the Colorado River, Silver Bridge, Bright Angel Creek, and Bright Angel Campground.  Note the fact that the leaves on the Freemont Cottonwoods are just turning color The switch backs along the South Kaibab Trail entering the inner gorge and above the Black Bridge
The bottom of the Canyon and the Colorado River Phantom Ranch, After breakfast at 6:45 AM on 12/30/07
Hiking up the Bright Angel Trail in shirt sleeves Putting on extra clothing while entering the first patches of ice located in the shade of the Hermit Shale and Coconino Sandstone along the upper stretches of the Bright Angel Trail
Late afternoon light in the upper reaches of the Bright Angel Trail near the end of the trail At the end of the trail, completing the hike at 4:30 PM on 12/30/07
Morning view from the South Rim along the Bright Angel Fault looking at the North Rim.
Photo taken on New Year's Eve, 12/31/07. The trail to Plateau Point is in the sun in the
center of the photo.  Indian Gardens is obscured by shadow.


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