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   Growing up with Joshua Tree National Park
 by James S. Bubar
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James Bubar and his family on their annual visit

Every year for the past 30 years, my family and I have met in Joshua Tree National Park over Thanksgiving. Itís an experience we always look forward to Ė picnicking outside, enjoying the scenery, and exploring new trails. Itís also a place that is very special to me since itís where Iíve seen my family grow up. Wherever my kids are living Ė Washington, London, or New York Ė we always make time to meet and pause and enjoy the parkís beauty. It truly is a place of refuge from our everyday lives.

This year, we were lucky enough to have the Superintendent David Smith give us a tour of Indian Cove, one of his favorite hiking trails. Following his lead, we scrambled through sand, cactus, boulders, and rock walls, and learned new things Ė despite coming here for 30 years! For example, if you cup your hands and breathe hot air on the leaves of a creosote plant, youíll smell the desert after a rainfall; or how frightening a female tarantula hawk is once you know that it lays its eggs inside a tarantulaís body. It was an experience we hadnít expected, and yet another example of what makes the park so special.

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Joshua Tree National Park is a stunning place that I hope to share with my family for years to come. Itís so important for us to keep it available and open to everyone Ė which you can only truly understand by visiting. I hope more and more people take the time to enjoy the park, as my family and I have for the past 30 years.

James S. Bubar
is an attorney in Washington, D.C. practicing litigation, corporate, communications, employment and real estate law.

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