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Guest: Paul C. Pritchard

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China's Nationa Parks

June 6, 2001

Moderator: Davinder Khanna


Paul Pritchard is an advisor to the China Ministry of Construction which includes the National Park Agency. His visits there have taken him and his delegation across China into some of the world's heritage sites.

Paul and his delegation just returned from critiquing the Terra Cotta soldiers archeological site, the ancient silk route city of Xi'an, the monuments of the Kunming (also known as the City of Eternal Springtime), Dali and Ligiang in the foothills of the Himalayans.

The delegation visited the three historical centers of this great nation as guests of national and local park officials. They had a unique perspective of not only their parks, but also the current and historic public administration of these national symbols.

In Beijing, they were welcomed by China leaders of the China National Park Agency and the China Society of Landscape Architects. They visited historical sites that span several recent dynasties including the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Summer Palace.

Second location was Xi'an, the world famous middle dynastical government center of China during the Silk Era. They saw not only the Terra Cotta army but also natural and historic landmarks as well.

Third location was in the very southwestern corner of China, Yunnan Province, a melting pot of historic cultures, the center of the origin of three great rivers of Asia, the City of Eternal Springtime. This is the home of our guide, Wen Jiang, an expert on parks, China and highly conversant on issues of interest.


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