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Paul C. Pritchard 

The renowned conservationist, Michael Frome, described Paul Pritchard as one of the most influential conservationists of modern times. The Smithsonian Institution recognized him in its book, Conservation Leaders. Pritchard’s achievements blanket the fifty states and reach around the world. He has been a significant force in the addition of over half of America's national parks, the first estuarine and marine sanctuaries, state heritage programs, the saving of Canada's St. Catherine Islands, the protection of China's national parks and the fight for the Earth's delicate climate.

He founded National Park Trust, the only land conservancy dedicated exclusively to protecting America's national parklands. From 1980 to 1997, he was President of National Parks and Conservation Association, increasing the organization's membership from 23,000 to more than 500,000, and the annual budget from $434,000 to nearly $19,000,000. He created the March for the Parks, the world's largest annual Earth Day event in 1990. As the founding chair of the Climate Institute, and a founder of both the U.S. Green Group and also Friends of China's National Parks, Paul Pritchard has achieved a "legacy of conservation firsts," said Fordham Law School.

A decorated career officer in the US Department of the Interior, Pritchard also chaired a Presidential task force and was instrumental in the addition of Alaska national park units.

He has published more than 100 articles and was selected to write the definition of ‘national park’ for Houghton Mifflin's Encyclopedia of the Environment. Pritchard authored the article celebrating the 75th anniversary of National Park Service for National Geographic Magazine, and through their book division, is credited as the creative force behind the recently published Enduring Treasures: National Parks of the World. At the same time, he serves as a citizen member of his county public service district where he oversees the growth and change of his community.

For his diverse conservation accomplishments, including underwriting Richard Adler's Wilderness Suite, Pritchard received the Secretary of the Interior's Honor Award for Meritorious Service, the Gulf Conservationist Award and the first Albert Schweitzer Prize in the Humanities in 1986.

Pritchard holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities and a Master of Science in Planning. He is a decorated Vietnam veteran and lives with his wife and sons on a farm in West Virginia.