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"The Best of Times" medium/bronze Subjects-Karen and David O'Connor on Prince Panache and Giltedge
By - Dorothy Jackson Smith

Welcome to Equine Art. Horses have captivated the spirit and inspired some of the most beautiful works of art throughout the history of man. Look to the wonderful cave paintings of the American Indians or the elegant sculptures of the Chinese Tang Dynasty for some early creations. These ancient works are truly breathtaking examples of equestrian art.

Many cultures have had their own wonderful styles of depicting the noble equine and the fascination continues today for contemporary artists. There is something about the strength and grace of a horse and it's ability to form such a binding union with mankind, which cannot fail to inspire beauty. Equestrian art is stronger than ever in this country and can be seen in some form in almost every community across the United States.

                       - Dorothy Jackson Smith, Equine Artist

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